I consult my attending physician for a diagnosis, possibly of lymphedema. If a diagnosis of lymphedema is made, I get a full prescription from my doctor for my compression garments. (See Prescription)

I get physiotherapy treatment at my hospital to reduce the volume of swelling OR I find a certified therapist in the 2020 Resource Guide (Therapists section) and I get private treatment – reimbursable by private insurance. In public or private settings, I will be in intensive treatment with bandages 24/7. My therapist will sell me the bandages that the RAMQ will reimburse me at 75% (See RAMQ Program). My therapist introduces me to self-management: skin care, specific exercises and self-massage.

When my therapist tells me, I have my affected limb measured by a fitter (Products and Services Section) to order my compression garment. I keep my bandages 24/7 until the delivery of the garment – from 10 to 14 days.

I take delivery of my compression garment. RAMQ will reimburse up to 75% of the costs. My fitter or I will proceed with the claim. In case of discomfort, I have 10 days to get a new adjustment. I follow all the recommendations of my therapist.

I see my therapist for a follow-up in the following weeks. I then ensure that I regularly consult my therapist each year to ensure the effectiveness of my self-management. If my condition changes, I take an appointment with my therapist immediately.

At any of the previous steps, I contact the LAQ to become champion of self-management, get answers to my questions and persevere in lymphedema control. 1 866 979-2463 / 514 979-2463