1. Make sure you have a diagnosis of lymphedema from your treating physician (e.g. family doctor, phlebologist, dermatologist, oncologist) and a complete prescription for decongestive therapy and compression garments. Then…
  2. Choose a therapist from the Certified Therapists section (p. 6-12) and complete the entire cycle of decongestive therapy with bandages. Then…
  3. Choose a compression garment fitter from the Products and Services section (p. 16-20) to take measurements. Wear your bandages 24/7 until your compression garment is delivered.
  4. Benefit from the RAMQ’s financial support through your fitter or by submitting your own request (p. 21).
  5. After delivery of the garment: you have 10 days to notify the fitter of any discomfort. Make a follow-up appointment with your therapist.
  6. If you have any questions or help, contact the LAQ at 1 866 979-2463.

Explore the LAQ Resource Guide by clicking on the cover. The Resource Guide contains a wealth of information on our education and support groups, our exercise programs, a list of community financial assistance, hospitals with lymphedema clinics and training for health professionals.

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More than 40 clinics