Complex Lymphatic Therapy – The Casley-Smith Method

A training program (in English) with Bonnie B. Lasinski (MA, PT, CI-CS, CLT-LANA)

The Lymphedema Association of Quebec in collaboration with the Lymphedema Program of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) has opened its 2021 registration list for :

An intensive 144 hour clinical certification course in lymphedema treatment for physiotherapists, registered nurses, physicians and occupational therapists

Bonnie Lasinski MA, PT, CI-CS, CLT-LANA
Course Language:

This course meets the standards set by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA).

• Discuss the normal anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system

• Explain the pathophysiology of primary and secondary lymphedema and related lymph system disorders

• Distinguish between lymphedema and other peripheral edemas

• Discuss the pathophysiology of secondary acute infections in individuals with lymphedema or a limb at risk for lymphedema

• Describe the components of CLT and indications and contraindications for its clinical application in managing lymphatic system disorders

• Demonstrate competence in applying the components of Complex Lymphedema Therapy (CLT) evaluation and treatment

• Design an individual CLT treatment program for individuals with primary and secondary lymphedema

• Discuss the principles and techniques for measuring and fitting for compression garments

• Describe how exercise influences lymph flow

• Perform circumferential limb girth measurements and document skin and tissue changes to document progress

• Be able to advise individuals with lymphedema or a limb at risk about risk reduction strategies, including how to modify aerobic and resistive exercises.

• Understand the impact of lymphedema on quality of life.

Pre-class home study
Participants will be provided with a 9-hour home study unit with examination  Participants will mail their completed home-study examination to Ms. Lasinski. Instructor will review them and clarify any questions on the first week of class.

Marie-Claude Gagnon, Association québécoise du lymphœdème
Tel.: (514) 979-2463 ou 1 866-979-2463

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Aqua Lymphatic Therapy – Tidhar Method
A training program (in English) with Dorit Tidhar (M.Sc., PT, ALT, CLT)
October 29 – November 1, 2017,
Centre d’entraînement aquatique universitaire, MontréalALT

For therapists,

Aqua Lymphatic Therapy Training Course – Tidhar Method – in Montreal. This training will be available in French and English.

For more information, please contact Marie-Claude Gagnon at (514) 979-2463, 1-866-979-2463 or

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Measurement Workshop