Aqua Lymphatic Therapy – Tidhar Method
A training program (in English) with Dorit Tidhar (M.Sc., PT, ALT, CLT)
October 29 – November 1, 2017,
Centre d’entraînement aquatique universitaire, MontréalALT

Dorit Tidhar was trained in lymphedema therapy by Prof. Judith Casley-Smith in 1999 and was certified by her as a teacher in Self Management and Exercise for Lymphedema in 2003. She designed the program of Aqua Lymphatic Therapy to help people who suffer from lymphedema maintain and improve the results of conventional treatment and conducted an RCT to examine this method. Dorit is an active member of the steering committee of the Israel Lymphatic Therapy Interest Group of Physiotherapists. She is Currently in charge of the national lymphedema services of Maccabi healthcare. Dorit is in her 4rd year of PhD Studies and will be conducting a practice-based evidence research on lymphedema.

Program Summary

Course Prerequisite: Certification and practice in Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT) (CLT) and passing an online pre-test on the material that will be sent 1 month prior the beginning of the course.


Prior the course, presentations on YouTube of approximately 30 min each are required in the subjects of:

  • Anatomy – specifically initial lymphatics
  • Treatment of lymphedema – outcomes of studies on CDT and its components
  • The maintenance phase – the Trans theoretical Model and studies on the maintenance phase
  • Exercise and lymphedema
  • The physical forces of the water and physiological responses to water immersion and water exercise
  • Quality of life and lymphedema
  • Hydrotherapy for orthopedic swelling
  • Measurement issues in lymphedema management

Links to above lectures will be posted on YouTube and delivered to the participants 1 month prior to the course and an online exam will be required with a passing grade of 70. A link to the exam will be sent 2 weeks prior to the course. No participant will be allowed to begin the course without submitting the exam.

Course objectives: The therapist will be able to implement the principles of the aqua lymphatic therapy with a group of lymphedema patients, while assessing the impact of the treatment on each patient and thereby tailoring programs to the individual. The therapists will be able to train their patients in aqua lymphatic therapy for self management of lymphedema.

Day 1

AM: Introduction, review on home material, principles of Aqua Lymphatic Therapy. ALT for arm lymphedema.

PM: Pool practice session – arm lymphedema.

Day 2

AM: Measurement workshop, research of ALT, Alt for leg Lymphedema.

PM: Pool practice session – leg lymphedema. And arm lymphedema routine.

Day 3

AM: Clinical reasoning in Aqua Lymphatic Therapy include working on the excel program that designed for evaluation the ALT results (immediate and long term). Individual therapy thoughts and ideas; how to combine the aqua lymphatic therapy with conventional treatment and creating a group.

PM: Pool practice session arm and leg lymphedema routine.

Day 4

AM: Theoretical examination on course principles and material, case studies.

AM: Pool practice session – Arm and leg lymphedema routine, advanced exercises. Practical exam and creating your own exercises according to ALT principles.


  • On the 3rd day we will work on computers, please see that you have a lap top available. If not, please notify us and we will arrange one or find you a partner.
  • For the pool sessions, you will need: goggles, swimming cap, and a clipboard.
  • The program is subject to changes.

For further information and registration, please contact Rachel Pritzker, LAQ
514-501-7263 or


True Change in Lymphedema Measurements
Therapeutic Decisions Based on Graphs
October 30 – November 1, 2017
Centre d’entraînement aquatique universitaire, Montréal


You treat people who suffer from lymphedema:
  • How do you decide if they are improving, stabilizing or getting worse?
  • How do you decide if an exercise program is good for your patients?
  • How do you decide which treatment tool is the most effective one?

It is not enough to measure your patients. You need to know how to use these measurements for clinical reasoning, to get the best results with the limited resources that your patient or the health system has.

In a 7-hour workshop (spanning over 2 days), you will learn how to measure, what is your measurement error, with whom you can work when you share patients, how to use a program that will calculate volume for you and how to create graphs that will enable you to learn about the tendency of limb volume over time.

When you finish this workshop, you will find that we share the same language and we can share data and enrich our knowledge by using the same system of measuring, reporting and clinical thinking.

As long as you document the data, you will always have a true feedback of the status of your patient.

A two-Day workshop (half-day each) for therapists certified in lymphedema therapy
Presented by Dorit Tidhar, MSc, PT, CLT, ALT
October 30 (9 :30 – 12 :30) & November 1, 2017 (9 :30 – 13 :30) at the Centre d’entraînement aquatique universitaire, Montréal

For more information please contact:
Rachel Pritzker, Lymphedema Association of Québec
514-501-7263 or