About the LAQ

about the laq


Established in 1999, The Lymphedema Association of Québec (LAQ) provides support, education and awareness to people living with lymphedema, their families, and friends and to healthcare professionals. We inform and educate about lymphedema and its causes, risk reduction and treatments of this chronic disease, and encourage scientific research leading to a cure.


We are proud of our accomplishments over the past years:

  • The LAQ is the principal organization in Quebec to offer support and education to people living with lymphedema; our monthly group meetings cover topic from basic lymphedema information, to self-management, risk reduction, exercise and more
  • Health professionals wishing to certify as lymphedema therapists have benefited from special training courses organized by the LAQ
  • Health professionals throughout the province turn to us for information and guidance about a condition that continues to be poorly understood
  • Our website offers a wealth of pertinent up-to-date information
  • We are proud of our Telephone Support Program for which volunteer therapists reply to phone and e-mail enquiries from the public
  • Our education pamphlets and resource guides are used by health professionals and patients throughout the province
  • Our joint education program with the McGill University Research Program offers lectures on lymphedema risk-reduction and therapy to nurses and therapists in hospitals and CLSCs
  • LAQ’s annual conferences provide known speakers and exciting workshops to hundreds of attendees from across North America
  • On January 1, 2014, our activities of defending and promoting the interests of persons afflicted with lymphedema, resulted in the recognition of lymphedema by Québec’s health ministry, and the partial reimbursement of compression garments and bandages prescribed for lymphedema treatment

In order to fund all of these activities, the LAQ has relied on the generous support of our members, sponsors, and donors, as well as on fund-raising activities such as the annual walk for lymphedema, awareness and bazaars days and more.

We wish to thank all the volunteers – persons living with lymphedema, therapists, suppliers and friends – who help us to attain our goals.

We need your support. Please help us to continue providing our valuable services to our community.

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