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About the Therapists

All therapists listed have been trained by a school approved by the  Lymphology Association of North America (LANA)  and received a minimum of 135 hours of post graduate training specific to the treatment of lymphedema including the following Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT) or Complex Lymphatic Therapy (CLT)  components: Manual Lymph Drainage, compression bandaging/garments, exercise, diet/nutrition and skin care.

The therapists are either registered nurses (inf), physiotherapists (PHT), occupational therapists (OT), massage therapists (MT), massage practitioners (MP), kinesiologists (Kin), or kinesitherapists (KT) and have provided proof of certification.  Those who have additionally certified in Aqua Lymphatic Therapy are indicated with (ALT).  Those also certified in compression garment fitting are indicated with (COMP).

If you are a qualified therapist and wish to be added to our therapist listing, please contact us.


ALT : Aqua Lymphatic Therapy KT : Kinesitherapist
BSc : Bachelor of Science KN : Klose Norton
CDT : Combined Decongestive Therapy MP : Massopractitioner
CLL : Certified Lebed Method MSc : Master of Science
CLT : Complex Lymphatic Therapy MT : Massotherapist
COMP : Compression garments NP : Naturopath
CS : Casley-Smith School ORT : Orthotherapist
CSE : Casley-Smith                        self-management and exercises OT : Occupational Therapist
DOM : Home visit PHT : Physiotherapist
FC : Foeldi Clinic TRP : Rehabilitation Therapist
INF, RN : Nurse V : Vodder School International
Kin : Kinesiologist