Aquatic training program for patients with lower or upper limb lymphedema

NOTEThe research project will start March 20th for a 6 weeks period. Training will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 14h to 14h45 or Mondays and Wednesdays from 19h15 to 20h. 

Aquatic training program for patients with lower limbs lymphedema


The aim of this pilot project is to measure the effect of an aquatic training program to help control/diminish the lymphatic volume and improve the quality of life of patients with lower limbs lymphedema. The training session will take place in the Gym liquide program, at UQAM Sports Center pool.


Your involvement consists in participating in a 45 minutes aquatic training session, twice a week, for 6 consecutive weeks. The participant will exercise doing aqua-jogging and pedaling on a water stationary bike. There will also be the following exercises: up and down on a step, hip flexion-extension (squat) and tip-toe exercise on a mini-trampoline.  The intensity of the exercises will be established by the participant, according to their rating of perceived exertion targeted at somewhat hard. The progression of the exercise will be adjusted to each participant’s fitness and medical conditions. At the beginning, at 3 weeks and at the end of the research, the participant will have to answer a questionnaire, execute the 6 minutes’ walk test and have measurements taken of the circumferences of the affected and non-affected lower limbs. The research project will start March 6th for a 6 weeks period. Training will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 14h to 14h45.  Participants will have to arrive 20 minutes before to be measured.


This research will give you the opportunity to participate in free aquatic training program under the supervision of kinesiologists certified lymphedema therapists.  Furthermore, you will contribute socially and scientifically to the advancement of knowledge in the field of training in the water for lymphedema patients.  There is some possibility that you might experience the following side effects: swelling, soreness or shortness of breath.  However we must specify that these risks are minimal and the symptoms temporary. As the tests are performed in a very safe environment (safety protocol and the presence of first responder with resuscitation equipment such as defibrillator), the risk of unfortunate incidents are minimal.


It is understood that the information gathered during the tests are confidential and that only the principal investigator, Andrée Dionne, and the Professor Alain-Steve Comtois, will have access to the data.


Your participation in this project is voluntary. It means that you agree to participate in the project without any constraint or external pressure, and moreover you are free to terminate your participation at any time during this research. Your participation in this project is free. A summary of the results of research will be sent at the end of the project.

Your cooperation is important to the realization of this project and we would like to thank you.

For more information or to participate, contact Andrée Dionne

514-987-3000 extension 4092  or


Aqua Lymphatic Therapy – Tidhar Method
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Dorit Tidhar was trained in lymphedema therapy by Prof. Judith Casley-Smith in 1999 and was certified by her as a teacher in Self Management and Exercise for Lymphedema in 2003. She designed the program of Aqua Lymphatic Therapy to help people who suffer from lymphedema maintain and improve the results of conventional treatment and conducted an RCT to examine this method. Dorit is an active member of the steering committee of the Israel Lymphatic Therapy Interest Group of Physiotherapists. She is Currently in charge of the national lymphedema services of Maccabi healthcare. Dorit is in her 4rd year of PhD Studies and will be conducting a practice-based evidence research on lymphedema.

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